Work & Achievements

Here’s a list of what I’ve achieved in my working life so far:

Winner of Best Editing at Anugerah Skrin 2013 (Hip-Hoppin’ Asia, 8TV)
Winner of Best Editing at Anugerah Skrin 2014 (Self Made, 8TV)
Winner of Best Cinematography at Anugerah Skrin 2015 (Hip-Hoppin’ Asia : The Saga Continues, 8TV)

Hip-Hoppin’ Asia won the Silver Plaque in the Travel Series category at the 49th Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards (2013)

Tesco Havoc video featuring Joe Flizzow made it to the Top10 most viewed ads on Youtube for April – June 2014

Shows I’ve worked on:

So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia – Season 2 (2008) [8TV]

One In A Million 3 (2009) [8TV]

Sejuta Impian (2011) [TV3]
Take Me Out (2011) [NTV7]

Showdown 2012 (2012) [8TV]
Shout! Awards (2012) [8TV]
Hip-Hoppin’ Asia (2012) [8TV]

Bella Awards (2013) [NTV7]
Self Made (2013) [8TV]
Showdown 2013 (2013) [8TV]
Shout! Awards (2013) [8TV]
ECX in Los Angeles (2013) [8TV]

Sasuke ASEAN Open Cup (2014)
IFMA Muay Thai Championship Langkawi (2014) [TV9]
MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 (2014)
Tonton Original Series: Stand Up (2014) []
CrossFire Stars : Season 2 (2014) []
F1 Concert and Gala Dinner featuring David Foster, Craig David, Christina Aguilera & Rick Astley (2014)
Hip-Hoppin’ Asia : The Saga Continues (2014) [8TV]

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