Run 3

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We skipped Wednesday and Thursday because of bad weather (or so we thought), but decided to make up for it on Friday. Managed to do slightly more than 5km, and though it’s not as fast as previous runs, it’s definitely a start.



Also, went for a shoot the other day. Been a while since I shot something, and I hope it was up to par. I must say I’m quite nervous with the outcome, but I will take the positives and the negatives accordingly.

Mission Lose 5KG Has Begun

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I’m setting a goal, to lose 5KGs within the space of two months. It’s not a hard goal, it’s actually a relatively easy one, but since I don’t have that much weight to lose in the first place, I don’t want to push myself too hard and stuff.

RUN 1 - 14/01/2013

This is my first run in god knows how long, so I was slow, but am quite happy with the progress. It can only get better from here. Hopefully by end of next week, I’ll be back to my normal pace. For now, it’s back to building up the stamina. Huargh!


It’s a Clear View

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I think I’d better run, run, run

Run, Run, Run – Phoenix

Did a shoot some time ago for an event, and the pictures came out in Berita Harian (1st Jan 2011). Not my first published shots, I don’t think, and hopefully not my last.

1.1 - Berita Harian - Pg 14 - Larian bak juara

Yeah When I’m With You, I Have Fun

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The world is lazy
but you and me
we’re just crazy

When I’m With You – Best Coast

Today was a pretty interesting day, in that I spent most of it at home, cleaning up, getting rid of things, and generally occupying myself so that my mind does not work. I was kind of like a drone, of sorts. Managed to get rid of a huge chunk of useless clutter in my room, and with that I threw away a huge chunk of my past as well. I decided that I’l be damned if I kept them. It was kind of liberating, in a sense. Some things dated back to my high-school years. Of course, the important ones were kept, but most of the useless trifle were thrown away.


Then I went out, and after a while of driving, I found myself getting the urge to run. This was at midnight, mind you, so I was kind of surprised at myself. In the end I relented to the urge, and dropped by KK Mart to get a bottle of 100plus, just so that I won’t back out on myself. Then after going home to change and stuff, I ran. I decided to go with monotony, instead of challenge, so I ran at the park near my house. It was very invigorating, and I felt really good afterwards.

5k 230710

So yeah, there you go. A 5km run at 1am, in the park. Oh, and I ran topless. I figured since it was so late at night, I might as well run comfortably. It was fun, and the only people I met were the security guards doing their rounds, but they just waved and smiled at me when they saw me.