Whoa, I Never Meant To Brag

April 13th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

Once a whore you’re nothing more, I’m sorry, that’ll never change.
And about forgiveness, we’re both supposed to have exchanged.
I’m sorry honey, but I’m passin’ up, now look this way.

Misery Business – Paramore

Now before you get all judgmental on me for listening to this song, I only used it because I’ve been playing it on Guitar Hero trying to pass Hard mode. It’s not as easy as I thought. But I have loads of time now, since the weather asks (more like threatens me with a knife and a brick) to stay home, or else. It’s been raining here, now two days in a row, and it’s supposed to rain again tomorrow. It’s nice and cold, but on the downside is there’s no going out, because of the bitching rain.

Sunday I helped shoot a Sri Lankan / Portuguese wedding somewhere in Fremantle, and it was a pretty good experience, especially since this time round I didn’t really know the bride and groom well. To be honest, I felt like I was shit, and I could have done miles better. But I was pretty much unprepared, I only had my basic gear, and I had extreme lack of sleep. I’ve looked through the photos, and they look decent, of course, but not really up to my standards, so yeah. That sucks.

Anyway, so I had so much time in my flat, and I don’t know what to do. So I fired up Guitar Hero, and planned to get another 100% on hard on one song, at least. After playing for about an hour, I decided to try out Paramore’s Misery Business. It’s pretty easy, but I accidentally strummed while activating the star power, so my streak was fucked. But I still got 100%, which is good. I’m going to try again, without the damn accidental strum.

So yeah, the rain has hindered any progress with life, aside from the frivolous and time-wasting activities. Bah. Hopefully I’ll be able to get things done by Thursday.

Breathe Out, So I Can Breathe You In

March 30th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

I believe this is one of the biggest achievements in my life so far. I think it’s far more important than my UPSR, PMR, and SPM performance combined. I mean, what the hell can you do with the results of those pieces of paper? In real life. Especially if you’re doing what I’m doing, which admittedly is not much, but still. Media, hey. What do I need physics and add-maths and chemistry for?

100% Babeh! Without overstrumming!

So yeah. Enough of that nonsensical waste of precious years in school. I spent quality time with my flatmate (Saleh)’s Xbox360 and Guitar Hero : World Tour. I played my favourite song for the moment, and I played it on Hard mode. I’m no Guitar Hero nerd, so Hard is pretty damn difficult, if you ask me, which you didn’t. I’m going to try Extreme one day, but not just yet.

Took me a few days, but yay! And excuse the "Saleh". I'l sign in with my profile next time.

And now I can go to sleep happy yay!