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Flew down to Tasmania for Lisa’s graduation.








I Change Shapes

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Just to hide in this place

Animal – Miike Snow

Good Vibrations Perth 2011

IMG_0075Erykah Badu

IMG_0077Friendly Fires

IMG_0080Mike Posner

IMG_0090Ting Tings

IMG_0098Ting Tings

IMG_0115Miike Snow

IMG_0113Miike Snow



Listen While You Get What You Get

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In the sun, in the sun.
Where the damage is done,
I’m looking forward to the moon tonight.

Gyroscope – Some of the Places I Know

So here are the videos that I’ve spent quite a big chunk of my time doing for my assignments. Oh, and watch in HD, they should be better in HD hahaha :D

They helped me get a HD for the editing module, so I think I did pretty alright.

Everybody Loves A Scene

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So I’ve been busy with my work, had a few essays to write, a couple of tests to sit for, and three videos to edit. Took up most of my time, and I haven’t had time for myself really to sit and relax, up until now. I’ve just finished the editing, I’ve handed in the essays, and I’ve sat for the tests. Now all that’s left is to author the DVD for the edits and submit one final essay on Monday. After that I’m really free! :D

What I’ve been doing, and it took some time, partly because I’m lazy, partly because I procrastinate, and partly because I decided to take it slow.

Screen shot 2010-11-11 at 02.08.15
Gyroscope Promo Edit

Screen shot 2010-11-11 at 02.07.59
Music Video Montage Edit

Screen shot 2010-11-11 at 02.07.43
Compressing the damned edits

Can’t wait for all this to be done. I need to put my feet up. Or jump off something.

Can’t Sleep These Days

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But I’ve been sleepwalking to the lake,
And waking up in the water

Chacarera – Jenny and Johnny

Today was Murdoch’s semesterly Multicultural Day, and it was a pretty good event. As usual, we had our own booth, and we sold bihun goreng, sirap, samosa, and jelly. Sold everything, made a tidy profit, so all’s well hey. I wasn’t really playing a big role for the Malaysian booth though, since I was occupied with yet another shoot, this time for Murdoch themselves (apparently).

I think she’s reaching for her wallet.

Michel and I had to shoot a semi-doco (I’m not too sure how that works, actually. What is a semi-doco?) for them to present in Melbourne (iirc), so yeah. It was fun. We had to interview people, and shoot performances and… stuff. We juggled our tasks, me operating the camera at times, him at others. If I’m on cam, he’s on sound, and vice versa.

I was interviewed as well, much to my dissatisfaction

Some photos taken are below. Would’ve taken more, but I didn’t have the time nor free hands. And I didn’t bring my camera, because of all the damn things to forget, I forgot to bring the battery charger. Mafaka! Oh, and I was giving Hipstamatic a spin. Been a while since I used it.





So, this adds another video for me to edit by end of the semester. Whoop-dee-doo! That makes it four videos to edit. Two assignments, and two projects. I should do well, and I’ll be damned if I let myself down with these. I could even land a job if I do good :O