Can’t Sleep These Days

October 14th, 2010 § 0 comments

But I’ve been sleepwalking to the lake,
And waking up in the water

Chacarera – Jenny and Johnny

Today was Murdoch’s semesterly Multicultural Day, and it was a pretty good event. As usual, we had our own booth, and we sold bihun goreng, sirap, samosa, and jelly. Sold everything, made a tidy profit, so all’s well hey. I wasn’t really playing a big role for the Malaysian booth though, since I was occupied with yet another shoot, this time for Murdoch themselves (apparently).

I think she’s reaching for her wallet.

Michel and I had to shoot a semi-doco (I’m not too sure how that works, actually. What is a semi-doco?) for them to present in Melbourne (iirc), so yeah. It was fun. We had to interview people, and shoot performances and… stuff. We juggled our tasks, me operating the camera at times, him at others. If I’m on cam, he’s on sound, and vice versa.

I was interviewed as well, much to my dissatisfaction

Some photos taken are below. Would’ve taken more, but I didn’t have the time nor free hands. And I didn’t bring my camera, because of all the damn things to forget, I forgot to bring the battery charger. Mafaka! Oh, and I was giving Hipstamatic a spin. Been a while since I used it.





So, this adds another video for me to edit by end of the semester. Whoop-dee-doo! That makes it four videos to edit. Two assignments, and two projects. I should do well, and I’ll be damned if I let myself down with these. I could even land a job if I do good :O

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