And When It’s Dark and When It’s Cold

October 2nd, 2010 § 0 comments

We talk through the day and all through the night
You make my whole world shine

My Sunshine – Tiffany Alvord

I’m not sure why I have a big shit-eating grin on my face

When I was asked if I wanted to go ice skating, I was apprehensive. People say it’s somewhat akin to rollerblading, and up to a certain point it is. I’ve done rollerblading before, and so my friends told me I would be alright, which I wasn’t. I mean, I didn’t fall, which was great, but I wasn’t swish-swooshing on the ice either. I couldn’t even brake properly without going into some sort of comical pirouette. Plus I should’ve worn thicker socks, as my night was ended prematurely by the biggest blister I have ever gotten in my 22 years of living. If my foot was the earth, the blister would be the size of the Asian continent.

It’s kind of beautiful, now that I think about it

Okay I might have been exaggerating a little. But it is pretty big, and oh boy it stings like a beetch. Cleaned it up as best as I could with warm water, then swabbed some hand sanitizer on it, since I didn’t have any Detol or antiseptic cream, and the sensation was like stepping into fire. I’m happy to note that I didn’t moan or cry during the process, though (I just hopped on one foot, clutching the blistered foot, mumbling curses).

I googled how to treat blisters, since I’ve never gotten something like this before, and I came across this:

“I treat them just like I would treat everyone else. With respect. A blister can’t help what it is. Just because it’s different or ugly doesn’t mean you should treat it harshly and poke it with sharp things. Embrace the blister for what it is. Treat it with love and kindness and it will treat you likewise.”

I think I will take my blister out for coffee, and maybe catch a movie one of these days.

PS: Weird song choice to go with the post, but I think it fits in rather well after reading the quote above :)

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