I Don’t Need Blue Blood, Running Through My Veins

August 13th, 2010 § 0 comments

Lay down your swords
Lay down your pistols
I’ll hit your heart
From any distance

Guillotine – Yadi

Damien talking about the technical aspects of the camera

Today’s class for my Prof Dev for Screen was interesting. We were introduced to the cameras that we will be working with for the upcoming weeks: the Panasonic HVX202. It was a breeze to get used to, and it felt familiar after using the AG-DVX back when I was working, and much better than the Canon that I used last semester, as well as last year. It feels more.. natural.

Our assignments with these cameras so far is to shoot a slow-motion scene, a sped-up (fast-motion, I suppose) scene, and a normal scene, just to demonstrate our understanding of different FPS rates. Apparently Damien (our tutor) also wants to see how we compose things, so yeah, hopefully I do awesome at that.

$11 for a student ticket :O

On Tuesday I went to watch Exit Through the Gift Shop in Leederville. It was an interesting film about street art, and also is a satire on the current trends of art and how much money it’s worth. Oh, and it was a Banksy film. So yeah. If you don’t know who Banksy is, click here. It was an interesting experience, first time I’ve been in a screening where there were only 30 seats available. Apparently it’s an alt-cinema, so yeah, figures. Anyway, watch it if you can, and you’ll learn to love and hate many things about people now.

Lastly, today seemed like a bright, good day, and I certainly had a good one. I hope yours went well too ;)

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