It’s Brighter Than Sunshine

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Love burns brighter than sunshine
Brighter than sunshine
Let the rain fall, I don’t care.

Brighter Than Sunshine – Aqualung

Today was a very tiring day, I was up at 7.30 (despite having only 4 hours of sleep the night before), and the day began from there. Went to class (8.30 am – Gender, Globalisation, and Cultural Politics), and it was COLD! Had an interesting session this time. We talked about globalisation and globalism, and we got to listen to multiple point-of-views from people all over, since my class was full of people from everywhere.

We had a new lecturer, since the previous one was ill, and we had to introduce ourselves to the class. I’m still amazed at people who are shy at talking in class. I mean, come on, you come all the way here, and you keep quiet like some monk in meditation? Sad to say, most of the quiet ones were asians (Malaysians and Singaporeans), and some were even in their final year of studying. All that time you spent here, you don’t talk ke? :S

Anyway, after class I went to Kardi with Dinesh to get some more supplies for today’s Murdoch Malaysian Association’s AGM. Later in the day, I ran around with Aaron, buying more food for the AGM, since we were afraid there wasn’t going to be enough for everyone. We had quite a spread, actually: roti canai and dahl/kari/whatever, chicken rice, pizza, teh tarik, and the usual plethora of other tidbits and stuff. The event started at about 6ish, and ended at around 9. In the end, it was a good event, the turnout rate was very pleasing, and we got to know a lot of new people.





After the AGM, we went to Northbridge to do some unwinding, and ended up at Pot Black, where the rest played games while I watched through a dreamy haze, since I was pretty much tired. Came home at around 11, and yeah. Here I am. And I’m going to bed soon. I really need to sort out my sleeping pattern. The body clock is pretty much fucked.

Nothin’ Left, Nothin’ Left For Me To Do

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If you’re filled
with affection
you’re too shy to convey,
meditate in my direction.
Feel your way.

You’re the One That I Want – Angus and Julia Stone

Whoa hey it’s been wicked cold here for the past few days. It was rainy too. Shiver me timber, arrrrr. Anyways, no class tomorrow, so yeah. I’m up late. Was at Nadia’s with Khai, just wasting time and having a (read: more than one cup) hot drink. Listened, more than I talked, but I suppose sometimes people need to share. Hahahah. And I need to listen ;)

Photo on 2010-08-18 at 02.04 #3
It was cold. I look like a hobo

Been watching quite a few movies lately. Went to catch Greenberg (Ben Stiller), The Expandables (macho adrenaline-fuelled men & Jason Statham) and Ghost Writer (Ewan McGregor & Pierce Brosnan) in Leederville, which is a great place to hang out, actually, I‘m loving the coffee shop Greens & Co. It’s such a great place to chill, grab a 3$ coffee and sit and watch people.

Anyway, Greenberg was a pretty weird movie, and I left it kinda feeling like I didn’t get something, The Expandables was a typical all-out action guy movie, and the Ghost Writer was pretty decent, but in a weird sort of way. The ending was kinda meh, as well. So that’s three weird movies that I’ve seen (Exit Through The Gift Shop, Greenberg, and Ghost Writer), and whoa, four movies in a week. Madness.

Oh and I’ve been catching the Bourne Trilogy with my flatmates. We’ve still got one more left, I think we’re watching it tomorrow. Flat bonding, hey :D

I Don’t Need Blue Blood, Running Through My Veins

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Lay down your swords
Lay down your pistols
I’ll hit your heart
From any distance

Guillotine – Yadi

Damien talking about the technical aspects of the camera

Today’s class for my Prof Dev for Screen was interesting. We were introduced to the cameras that we will be working with for the upcoming weeks: the Panasonic HVX202. It was a breeze to get used to, and it felt familiar after using the AG-DVX back when I was working, and much better than the Canon that I used last semester, as well as last year. It feels more.. natural.

Our assignments with these cameras so far is to shoot a slow-motion scene, a sped-up (fast-motion, I suppose) scene, and a normal scene, just to demonstrate our understanding of different FPS rates. Apparently Damien (our tutor) also wants to see how we compose things, so yeah, hopefully I do awesome at that.

$11 for a student ticket :O

On Tuesday I went to watch Exit Through the Gift Shop in Leederville. It was an interesting film about street art, and also is a satire on the current trends of art and how much money it’s worth. Oh, and it was a Banksy film. So yeah. If you don’t know who Banksy is, click here. It was an interesting experience, first time I’ve been in a screening where there were only 30 seats available. Apparently it’s an alt-cinema, so yeah, figures. Anyway, watch it if you can, and you’ll learn to love and hate many things about people now.

Lastly, today seemed like a bright, good day, and I certainly had a good one. I hope yours went well too ;)

In a World So Fake She Likes To Call Her Own.

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Just a rich girl baby,
And she’s lost her soul.
If you’ve seen her lately,
You wouldn’t even know.

Billionaire – Neon Hitch

Awesome satire by Neon Hitch on Travie McCoy’s Billionaire. If you have the opportunity to check it out, please do. Or if you’re lazy, click here or here. Anyways, tomorrow I start fasting here in Perth (Australia seems to want to start fasting a day after everyone else starts, probably to make it a more alt thing and not join the mnstrm mslm countries out there). How am I feeling about it? Well..

My take on Australia starting later than anyone else

So yeah, happy fasting and happy ramadhan to all my #mslmbros and #mslmsis out there :D

A Moment, A Love

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A dream aloud,
A kiss, a cry

Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

Putting my feet up with a little bit of Good News Week

I’m back in Perth, for the second semester of my second year. Touched down on Friday morning, around 1 am-ish, and after everything was settled I eventually made it into bed at about 3 am. Overslept, missed two classes, but managed to go for one, which seems to be pretty interesting (but then again I tend to say that for most of the subjects that I take).

My flight was actually delayed for about an hour because there was a couple of people who had panic attacks (?) and had to disembark. We actually taxied up to the runway, and then made a U-turn back to the terminal to let the two people get off. I didn’t think it was actually possible. Never knew a plane could be turned around for something less than a terrorist threat.

The worst part of all this? There was no TV! What the fark?! I was greeted by a blank behind-the-headrest-of-the-person-sitting-infront-of-me’s-chair. Thank god I had my laptop (a new MBP thanks to my loving parents) and my externals, so I whiled away the boring flight time entertaining myself with Across the Universe, coming up with a new wallpaper, sharing/trading glances with the girl sitting across the aisle, and trying like hell to ignore the annoying kid kicking my chair behind me. It took all of my willpower to not jump up, turn around, and throw my less-than-satisfactory fish and potatoes at the kid.

When we did the U-turn and went back to the terminal

Hey ho, MacBook Pro

Anyway, settled in fairly well, got my old room (which is already messy despite the fact that I’ve only been back for four days), met familiar faces, got myself a replacement sim card, and well yeah pretty much that’s it.

Professional Development for Screen looks good because they’ve divided the module into halves, so I’m doing cinematography in the first half, and editing in the second : two things which I am really interested in doing as a job. They also have sound and directing/producing, as options, but I don’t think I want to do those. I’d have chosen sound, but since we can only choose two things, I didn’t.

Classes this semester are on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. That leaves me with a gaping hole in the middle of the week to fill, though I don’t think I will have trouble filling it when the assignments start to come in.

So yeah, that’s about it. Here’s a shoutout to the currypuff, hope things are good :D And to those who whatsapp me, I’m still using my 017 number for whatsapp, though I think I will change it to the +6142525**** number one day (not sure how that will affect things, just in case), but I’ll let you know.