Yeah When I’m With You, I Have Fun

July 23rd, 2010 § 0 comments

The world is lazy
but you and me
we’re just crazy

When I’m With You – Best Coast

Today was a pretty interesting day, in that I spent most of it at home, cleaning up, getting rid of things, and generally occupying myself so that my mind does not work. I was kind of like a drone, of sorts. Managed to get rid of a huge chunk of useless clutter in my room, and with that I threw away a huge chunk of my past as well. I decided that I’l be damned if I kept them. It was kind of liberating, in a sense. Some things dated back to my high-school years. Of course, the important ones were kept, but most of the useless trifle were thrown away.


Then I went out, and after a while of driving, I found myself getting the urge to run. This was at midnight, mind you, so I was kind of surprised at myself. In the end I relented to the urge, and dropped by KK Mart to get a bottle of 100plus, just so that I won’t back out on myself. Then after going home to change and stuff, I ran. I decided to go with monotony, instead of challenge, so I ran at the park near my house. It was very invigorating, and I felt really good afterwards.

5k 230710

So yeah, there you go. A 5km run at 1am, in the park. Oh, and I ran topless. I figured since it was so late at night, I might as well run comfortably. It was fun, and the only people I met were the security guards doing their rounds, but they just waved and smiled at me when they saw me.

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