Just Go Ahead, Let Your Hair Down

July 21st, 2010 § 0 comments

But no matter what you do,
you’ll always feel as though
you tripped and fell

Steady, As She Goes – The Raconteurs

The past week has been interesting, with quite a fair bit of things going on.


It was 8TV’s Showdown 2010 Finals at KL Live, and I felt it was a good show, though I wanted GBC to win instead of Wakaka, but hey, that’s life. I went there without a camera, so no pictures. Yeah, I know, no camera?! Gile ke? Hahaha. I wanted to enjoy the show, not busy myself with a camera, so that’s what I did.



I went for a haircut. After much internal debate, I decided to relent and cut my hair short. As usual, I went into a funk right after the haircut, getting used to having my head feel so light was never easy. It was also the day Canon called me up and told me to collect my package.





I finally met up with my long-lost #bromance partner #fatbro Kinz for some work which needed to be done. We headed on to Village Nasi Lemak at Uptown for lunch, then headed to Papa Rich to do our work. Whilst waiting for the DVDs to finish burning, we came up with a crazy notion of buying a PS3 and Rockband. We were so excited about it that we actually called up shops and enquired about the prices, and we decided (with the help of my dad, whom I called to ask for permission) to go get it that night itself.

We hit our first snag at the ATM, and we were both feeling quite let down. Went back home, and I discussed some terms with my dad, and hey ho, I got the green light to spend. Hahahah. Called Kinz up, and we headed over to Pertama Complex to buy the PS3, Band Hero, and Guitar Hero 5. They didn’t have what we wanted, which was The Beatles Rockband, but whatever. Andrew came over with Sarah, and we played BH and GH5 all through the night.




I went out with Nicole, and teman-ed her shoot a mini concert in Rawang, which was pretty interesting. It’s been a while since I shot kids, and it caught me off guard. I underestimated them, and overestimated my skill. Hahahahah. I’m not saying I got bad pictures, but I could’ve done better, definitely.




But I’m glad to say I wasn’t at all shy in calling people’s attention to my camera to get a shot :D


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