Well I Wish I Never Met You That Day

April 21st, 2010 § 0 comments

Yeah I remember you like a verse
That I didn’t want to learn
I just looked into your eyes
And I knew ya.

First Love – Emmy the Great

So. I’ve finally found my stamp pad. After a long time of looking for it. Found it in an arts and crafts store, which is no easy feat to get to, especially if one does not have a car (which I do not). There were so many hardcore artsy fartsy stuff there, and the stamp pads alone had a couple of shelves for them. Anyway, I got my jet-black 14.99$ stamp pad (WTF that’s like rm45) and I’m going to get on to using it soon, after I finish some unfinished work.

The other day Ahkeam brought a Nintendo Wii back to our flat, so now we have that and an Xbox360. We just need a PS3 to be complete, hey. Hahaha. The Wii is connected to the normal tv, the Xbox to the HD one. I suppose that’s so that we don’t fight over who gets to play when and on which tv.

Oh, and I managed 100% on another Hard song, Eye of the Tiger. Then I attempted Expert for Everlong, and I managed to get 95%. It’s not that bad, but I keep fucking up the pre-chorus. Bah!

Aside from that, I think I’m going to buy another external HD, just so that I can use it to take some Windows files. I’ve looked at something similar to mine (which is the WD Passport for Mac), and I’ve found that WD now changeed the line of their external HDs to not include firewire, unless you get the really high end 200usd ones. Meh. So I’ll be stuck with USB2, but at least the new passport looks sleek. Hopefully I’ll get one tomorrow, if I do go out.

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