Elephants on Acid

April 19th, 2010 § 0 comments

You know the world is going bonkers when you can’t find a stamp pad in the local bookstore, or anywhere within a 5 km radius of where you live. When asked about it, a person who has been here for longer than it takes for a turtle to mate says that “This is Australia mate. They don’t use rubber stamps. Bukan macam Malaysia, sini takde Popular Bookstore.”

Anyways, we went to the city on Saturday, after attending a MASCA (Some sort of Malaysian student association thing) event at Curtin (where I met Yoong Bing) and we went to a few shops, some clothes shops, some book shops, some video shops. Got myself a book, Elephants on Acid and it was a good read. Loads of weird shit described in the book.

Anyways, life resumes tomorrow, gotta get to uni and edit some video. Bleh. I used to enjoy that shit. Now I detest it. Maybe because I’m not doing it right, or they don’t have a nice place to do it.

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