At Least We’re Wearing Shoes That Last

April 5th, 2010 § 0 comments

It’s the ‘would haves’, the ‘could haves’
And the ‘damn I really did thats?’
Which make us who we are

St. Crispin’s Got Our Backs – The All New Adventures Of Us

Trolling through assignments and life is no easy feat, and I’m quite scared at the moment, because for the first time in almost a year I’m beginning to feel the niggling niggles of depression. It’s not bad yet. Fuck, it hasn’t even manifested properly yet. It’s just a niggle, but I’m not sure how to handle that little bit of shit.

I think it’s because I kept watching this stupidly good tv series Weeds and my mind keeps wandering around about things when the sad scenes come on. Because hey, as you very well know, music hits me, and if it’s music accompanied by visual stimulants, then that combination double hits me. Actually more than that. They clobber the fuck out of me.

But all’s well, I’m off to the library to finish up some work, and I want to look forward to this study break week.

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